Ignition Services in Dallas

Most drivers are not aware how complicated ignition systems are. That’s why experiencing ignition switch problems are known to catch drivers off-guard and unprepared.

Ignition switch problems often create unexpected and urgent issues, especially if they’re stopping you from getting to work, school, or home. They can also cause hazardous situations on the road, such as sudden shutdowns or electrical problems.

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Custom Solutions From Advanced Locksmith for Your Ignition Switch Problems

If you’re experiencing an ignition switch issue, you can rely on our trained technicians to take care of it right away. Our specialists will first identify why your ignition system is defective or non-responsive and whether it is related to a problem with your car’s battery or with the ignition switch itself. Once we’ve understood the issue, we’ll provide an accurate estimate on how much the repair will cost, and with your consent, we’ll get started on rectifying the issue.

Regardless of what is causing your ignition problem, our service team is available to assist you anywhere in Dallas in a timely, reliable, and efficient manner.

Common Ignition Switch Problems

Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the most common causes of a no-start. However, it’s not always easy to determine if a dead battery is an actual reason why you are unable to start your car. Our competent staff will be able to determine the cause of the issue in only a few steps.

Worn Key or Ignition Cylinder

Mechanical components tend to wear out over time, and this applies to those found in your car’s ignition system. Advanced Locksmith technicians are experienced to determine if a worn key or cylinder is preventing you from starting your car, and can easily provide you with new keys and a new cylinder if needed.

Ignition Switch Fault

Before considering that an ignition switch fault is the root of your problem, our technician will first ensure the rest of the electrical system is intact. Worn ignition switch contacts, temperature problems, or broken springs can all cause the ignition switch to fail. If this is the case, our team will replace the ignition switch right away.

Immobilizer Issues

Like many electronic components, an immobilizer system can malfunction. This situation requires an experienced technician to intervene. Many immobilizer problems can be fixed by our staff simply by replacing the smart key.

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Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Advanced Locksmith is here to assist you with car ignition repairs, installations, and replacements. Our certified automotive locksmith technicians possess the expertise to perform ignition repair and replacement services at a competitive and affordable price. Their work will be completed quickly and efficiently, and in most cases, the warranty of your car will remain unaffected.

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