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Automotive Locksmith in Dallas


For all your automotive locksmith needs, look no further than Advanced Locksmith. Our team has the skills and resources to perform a full range of vehicle lock services.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, foreign or domestic, we have the experience to service it. From emergency vehicle lockout services to keyless entry installation or ignition repairs, our locksmiths have the services you need at rates you’ll love.

To schedule an appointment with one of our locksmith professionals, or to request a free quote, reach out to us today!


Car Lock Services for Any Foreign or Domestic Vehicle


Without a reliable, well-functioning lock system, it is impossible to enter and start your vehicle. With numerous vehicles now equipped with keyless entry systems, most will require some degree of maintenance or repairs at some point. Fortunately, at Advanced Locksmith, this is one of our specialties.

Our wide range of car locksmith services will add convenience and value to each vehicle. We offer prompt availabilities and great rates for our services and can arrive at your vehicle any time of day or night. We can also service your vehicle at our location.

We have the equipment and inventory to install or repair as needed and have a full supply of the latest devices and components. Whether you wish to upgrade to a more modern vehicle security system or are simply in need of repairs or general maintenance, we are the company to call.

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Services Including Lock-Out Services, Key Replacement, and Ignition Repairs

Our approach to vehicle lock services involves proven traditional locksmith methods combined with the latest, most innovative equipment on the market today.

If you are locked out, we can arrive on the scene swiftly, allowing you to gain access to your vehicle and ignition. We can also make duplicates to keyless entry systems and keys, or perform key replacements.

When it is your ignition which is faulty, we can provide prompt ignition repairs and general maintenance. With our wide inventory of top-quality locks and products, we have the perfect products to suit each vehicle.

For all your automotive locksmith requirements, our company is the name to know.

Locksmiths with Years of Dependable Experience in Car Locks


We have been proudly serving vehicle owners all over the Dallas area for a number of years. We have earned a considerable reputation for our wide range of services, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

Our locksmith experts can recommend and advise on the best products for your needs. We are fully licensed and bonded for our services and committed to meeting the expectations of each client.

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Keep Your Vehicle’s Locks Functioning Effectively with Our Locksmith Experts


For all your automotive locksmith needs, Advanced Locksmith is the company to call.

We have the diligence and experience to provide the services you need when you need them. To learn more, reach out to us today!



Automotive Locksmith in Dallas

Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling one experiences when they peer through the driver’s side window and spot their keys either on the seat or still in the ignition? Pulling on the handle and realizing you’re locked out is the only thing worse. However, every tough spot has a solution. And when drivers in the Dallas area need help with their car keys, Advanced Locksmith will be there to help.

For years, Advanced Locksmith has been providing Dallas residents with the most reliable locksmith solutions in the region. We began as a key cutting operation, expanding to a dependable provider of all kinds of security services, which of course includes a wide array of top-rated automotive locksmith services.

If you need Advanced Locksmith’s help, we are proud to offer customers 24-hour service. Simply call (972) 693-1868 day or night, rain or shine and we’ll be there to assist you in any way we can.

Ignition Services

Equipped with the latest industry technology and practices, Advanced Locksmith’s 24/7 service is always available in case there’s a problem with your car’s ignition.

Your vehicle’s ignition is responsible for starting and keeping it running. If it’s faulty, there are a number of different explanations for why it’s not working. Advanced Locksmith can run a diagnostic to assess the issues. From there, we can help you replace or repair whatever is keeping your car from running.

We can help with:

  • Ignition switch maintenance
  • Ignition switch repair
  • Ignition switch installation
  • Key tumblers and switches
  • Emergency ignition system services
  • Broken key extraction
  • Transponders and Vat Keys
  • Duplicate ignition keys

Car Lock-Out Service

Car lock-outs have a way of happening at the most inopportune times. And while we understand why some Dallas drivers panic when they see their keys on the other side of their car’s locked door, we would like to remind you that every time you try and jimmy the lock open with a wire coat hanger you might be doing serious damage to your vehicle.

It’s always best to take a deep breath and call Advanced Locksmith. Once you call (972) 693-1868, one of our highly trained and experienced automotive locksmiths will meet you wherever you are in the Dallas area to assist you.

WARNING: if you have locked a child or pet inside your vehicle, please call 911 before you call Advanced Locksmith. Their response might be more timely than ours and having them on hand is never a bad idea in case your child or pet has developed heat stroke while in the vehicle. If you are ever locked out of your vehicle while your child or pet is inside, do not try to break the window unless you are absolutely sure it can be done safely. If it can’t be done safely, you must cover the windows to keep them from overheating while you wait for emergency services or our 24/7 automotive locksmiths.

Find out what we can do for you within minutes of your call today—call (972) 693-1868.

Trunk & Glove Box Lock

We all keep valuables in our trunk or glove box at one time or another, but what if the glove box lock is faulty, or you can’t find the key to your trunk? Don’t risk further damage and inconvenience by trying to force anything yourself.

It only takes our talented team at Advanced Locksmith a few minutes to extract and replace the lock assembly on your trunk, and you have the option of coming to our Dallas location or calling for roadside assistance if the situation is more complicated.

When replacing glove box lock systems, we’ll replace that faulty lock with an even better one that comes with a warranty not just for the parts, but for the labor as well.

Car Key Services

If your car keys have been lost, stolen, broken, or damaged and you need to get into your vehicle you’re going to require the help of an experienced automotive locksmith. At Advanced Locksmith we have been helping our Dallas clients out of tough spots since 2011!

We’re proud to serve our clients with integrity and attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest. Locally owned and operated, as well as top-rated for elite service on HomeAdvisor you can count on our reliable team to show up on time no matter when you call for assistance.

Our rates are affordable, and our estimates are transparent and free so that you won’t have to worry about calling us in the middle of the night and then getting slammed with hidden costs.

Our car key replacement services include:

  • 24-hour Locksmith Services
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Replacement and Spare Car Key Services
  • Broken Ignition and Key Extraction
  • Trunk and Glove Box Solutions
  • Ignition Key Replacements
  • Key Cutting for Any Make and Model

Over the years cars have evolved a lot. Ignitions systems are now quite complicated meaning that you will need to call your nearest locksmith to assist with ignition problems. Forcing it on your own can result in far bigger problems. Rely on the qualified experts at Advanced Locksmith. Our licensed and professional locksmiths are ready to take your call!

Mercedes Key Replacement

As a Mercedes owner, you know that a lost key means having to visit the Dallas dealership to get a replacement. But have no fear, there is another option!

At Advanced Locksmith, we specialize in auto locksmith services for old and new Mercedes vehicles. Our mobile truck has all the necessary equipment to create and replace a key, and if you like, we can even make a second key for future use for 50% of the cost of the first replacement!

We offer a full line of services for Mercedes owners, on top of our 24-hour locksmith services. Call us for all your lockout, key replacement, fob repair, and electrical systems needs. Our team is also equipped to handle Engine Control Unit, Ignition Switch, Steering Lock, Transmission Shifter, and Transmission Computer programming.

Need a jump-start? We’re only a call away.

Biometric Locks: Never Lose Your Car Keys Ever Again!

If there’s one thing for certain in this crazy and ever-changing world in which we’re living, it’s this: there are few experiences in life more unpleasant than locking your keys in your car.

Even worse is misplacing or losing your keys. I don’t know about you, but I’m the sort of person who’d lose their head if it weren’t attached to my body. So that puny key ring never really stood a chance. In some ways, my keys are better-traveled than I am: they’ve been to the inside of my couch, my refrigerator, my washing machine—and one pair even made it to the bottom of the local sewer!

But for people living in Dallas, there’s a new generation of ways to start your car that take key loss out of the equation entirely. It might seem like something out of a science fiction film, but it’s totally real, and Advanced Locksmith is proud to be able to offer this service to our Dallas customers for the first time ever!

It’s biometric car locks. Most models involve scanning a fingerprint, although retina scanners are available (if prohibitively expensive).

There’s never a chance you’ll lose your car keys ever again, because they’re literally attached to your body. How genius an idea is that?

This technology has long been possible in the imagination of engineers everywhere, but biometric controls for cars, homes, and even schools are now out of the realm of science fiction and into our everyday lives.

What Is a Biometric Car Lock?

These sophisticated machines take a reading of your fingerprint—that special pattern on your digits that doesn’t match anyone else’s in the entire world—to open your car door or start your car. (Again, retina scanners are available, but still extremely expensive, so we’re going to focus on fingerprint scanners.)

Because the safest cars are those you can get in and out of without a hassle but others can’t get into, a fingerprint scanner installed over the lock of your car is a foolproof way to keep your car safe from any would-be vandals or thieves.

The best part is undoubtedly that forgetting your car keys in the passenger’s seat becomes a thing of the past. There’s literally no way you can do it.

Changes in Technology Make Fingerprint Scanner Prices Lower Than Ever

For years, this biometric technology was only available to high-ranking and secretive government agencies, but now it’s become affordable to anyone in Dallas who is looking to make their car safe and secure. One more benefit of living in the most technologically advanced society the world has ever known!

Advanced Locksmith is proud to partner with leading biometric door lock manufacturers to offer this incredible service to our Dallas clients. We provide sales, installation, and maintenance for any sort of automotive locksmith needs you might have, including biometric lock installation.

It’s time to join the future—today.

Call us today to learn more!

Mercedes Roadside Assistance

Keep Advanced Locksmith on speed dial if you’re a Mercedes owner. All of our Mercedes services can be performed on the spot, any time you need them.

Our programming services include:

  • Dealer-Level Diagnostic and Programming
  • Onsite Key Repair Replacement
  • Engine Control Unit (ECO)
  • Electronic Steering Lock Replacement
  • Electronic Ignition Lock (EIS)
  • Transition Shifter Electronic Shift Module (ESM)

As a Mercedes owner you are committed to a superior ownership experience and having an automotive locksmith you can call for roadside assistance any time of the day or night is what will continue to make that experience a good one.

At the time of your call, simply inform us of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and we’ll ride out to meet you anywhere in the Dallas area!

24-Hour Locksmith

There’s no one who actually plans to get locked out of their vehicle. Car lockouts can happen at all hours of the day and night, and because of that we’re available at anytime of the day and night to better assist our valuable clients.

From ignition to car key replacements and specialty vehicle services, Advanced Locksmith is your nearest locksmith for 24-hour locksmith services.

Operating out of Dallas for seven years, our licensed professional locksmiths have helped hundreds of vehicle owners get out of difficult situations at all hours of the day or night!

If you need an automotive locksmith, don’t hesitate to call. We’re always here to help.

Unlock Convenience

As a 24-hour locksmith, we understand that emergencies never happen when you’re prepared for them, and when it comes to being locked out of your car or trunk, you need to remedy that situation as quickly as possible.

Experienced in residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services, we’re leaders in the local industry and have the years behind us to prove it.

Whether you’re in need of help next week or in the next hour, we’re here to handle all of your car locksmithing needs.