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Automotive Locksmith

Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling one experiences when they peer through the driver’s side window and spot their keys either on the seat or still in the ignition? Pulling on the handle and realizing you’re locked out is the only thing worse. However, every tough spot has a solution.

BMW Key Replacement And Programming

If you are looking for a locksmith specializing in BMW key replacement and programming, look no further than the certified automotive locksmiths at Advanced Locksmith.

Car Key Replacement

Car key replacement is essential if your key is misplaced or if it is no longer working properly. Worn, bent, or nonfunctional car keys not only leave you stranded, but a flawed key can also damage your car’s ignition system. If you are experiencing trouble inserting or getting your key out when you attempt to start your car, chances are it’s time to consider a car key replacement.

Car Lockout

With Advanced Locksmith, you are just a phone call away from a quick and reliable automotive unlocking service at a very competitive rate. We promise that you will be reunited with your keys quicker than you think and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Car Trunk And Glove Box Locks

Have you locked your valuables in the trunk or glove compartment of your vehicle and need help fast? Advanced Locksmith can gain access to your trunk or glove box quickly and without causing damage to your vehicle. We use only the latest in locksmith technology to open and replace your lock efficiently and affordably.

Commercial Locksmith

At Advanced Locksmith, we know just how hard you have worked to build, grow and promote your business. That is why when you choose us to be your commercial locksmith, we will do everything in our power to keep your business secure.

Ignition Services

Ignition switch problems often create unexpected and urgent issues, especially if they’re stopping you from getting to work, school, or home. They can also cause hazardous situations on the road, such as sudden shutdowns or electrical problems.


Advanced Locksmith is the area’s most affordable and trusted locksmith. With many years serving private residents and businesses, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders who are committed to your complete satisfaction. No matter what type of lock challenges you are facing, we’re the experienced professionals who will be there for you when you need us. Allow us to offer you a cost-saving quote by getting in touch with us by phone at (214) 390-6242 today.

Mercedes Key Replacement And Programming

If you are looking for an automotive locksmith specializing in the programming and replacement of Mercedes keys, look no further than Advanced Locksmith. Offering the most cutting-edge key programming services in the region, we are here for you.

Replace Car Keys

At Advanced Locksmith, we replace car keys! Don’t bother bringing your car into the dealership—that’s a hassle. It’s also a good way to accidentally damage it

Residential Locksmith

We provide a full range of locksmith services for homeowners, landlords, and tenants. Whether you’ve locked yourself out, need a deadbolt replaced, or want a new keyless entry system installed, you can count on the team at Advanced Locksmith for all your locksmithing requirements.

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