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Rekeying Services in Richardson and Surrounding Areas!

Are you concerned that perhaps someone has access to your property’s locks? Someone who is not welcome in your home or authorized at your place of business, because there may be a ‘duplicate’ key somewhere out there? Are you trying to cut back on costs, especially if you could avoid having to install an entire new locking system? Then Advanced Locksmith has the answer for you.

With the most dependable and reliable rekeying services in Richardson and surrounding areas, let us here at Advanced Locksmith put your security concerns at ease. You can easily avoid the complications involved with getting new locks installed throughout your home or place of business by having our professionals rekey your locks, without having to replace the entire lock itself.

By rekeying your home or place of business, this will help avoid any unnecessary costs involved with relocating locks systems or changing them out for new locks that might not fit in the same place the previous locks were located, all the while still providing the necessary security and protection you would expect from your locks.

Of course, we do provide New Lock installations services, for current as well new homes and/or business, however when taking over a business or relocating to a new home, rekeying the property may be a more cost effective option that we welcome you to discuss with our professional locksmiths.

Call for a free assessment of your locks and security needs according to your specific criteria.