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Residential Locksmith in Plano

Number One Residential Locksmith in Plano

Chances are if you have taken the time to get this page, then you have either been locked out of your Plano home, your door’s lock has been damaged or you may want to have the locks in your home changed. Whatever the reason, the simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to finding the number one residential locksmith in Plano, you have certainly come to the right place.

At Advanced Locksmith, we are passionate about what we do and making sure that families in Plano are safe in their home is the biggest part of this job. We know that for you and your children and loved ones to feel safe, you need to have a door that is strong and secure. Making sure that there’s a solid lock in place is the most important part of this process.

So, if you are reading this and are concerned about the security of your Plano home, then fear no more because you have come to the right place. Call us today to schedule a pre-arranged consultation with one of our professionals or get in touch right away for an emergency situation—we can take care of both.

Three Reasons You May Need a Residential Locksmith

Like anything in life, there are usually far more reasons to do something than not do it. However, when it comes to having the locks in your Plano home taken care of, time is of the essence and you really can’t afford to sit on your hands. With that in mind, here are three situations that, should you find yourself in, you really need to give us a call right away:

  1. Moving to a New House: If you have just moved into a new place, then we always advise that you get the locks changed immediately. We don’t do this to pass judgement on the previous tenants because very rarely is that an issue, but the simple fact of the matter is that you don’t know who may have had a key to your home under its former owner. So, for continued peace of mind, why not take the time to have your locks changed and new keys cut. Trust us, you won’t regret it!
  2. Locks Wearing Out: What many people don’t realize is that like almost everything else in your Plano home, your locks also have a finite lifespan and, over time, can become depreciated and worn out. To avoid this being a serious issue for your home, we recommend having your locks inspected by us every two to three years.
  3. Replacement Keys: Is your home one with a lot of visitors? Perhaps you rent a spare room out to tourists visiting our town. Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that having extra keys cut is always a good idea.

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